I don’t know about you but this winter seems as if it has gone on forever. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to see the water in the dams and reservoirs – its just that I kept wondering if we were going to  skip spring and launch straight into the summer heat.

So this past Saturday – what a brilliant day for a hike! Perfect Melbourne spring weather meant that the back pack was ready in lightening time and we hit the road for the drive out to Sugarloaf Reservoir Park to see how high the water level is …

By 10am, we had parked and the boots were laced (I never drive in my hiking boots as they are leather and it just does not feel right), and Bruce and I set off.

View to the City
The view from the hill across the reservoir

The first part is easy level walking and one can gaze out at the water, before swinging by the water treatment park and then up through the bush and to the top of the hill. While the incline causes a bit of puff, it is worth it and at this time of year it is still cool in the shade of the trees. Once up there we saw lots of kangaroos,  and the view back to the city and downwards to the reservoir watching the yachts skipping lightly in the breeze was a delight.

We decided it was definitely lunch time so we could sit and watch. I must have been very quiet -ie so busy eating and absorbing the vista-  that there was a rustle and out came a little echidna who waddled his (her?) way over the grass towards some leaves before dropping out of sight. I was a little enchanted so did not get a photo but I did get one of the blue tongue lizard.

Blue Tongue Lizard
Blue Tongue Lizard – Basking in the sun

After that it was a short downhill slope, with some birds keeping us company, and an explore around the old stone remains of a house with some spring garden plants showing their heads, and then back to the top car park.

There are many nice things about this walk – it doesn’t take that long, lunch can be called at a lovely spot, there is plenty of wildlife and you feel like a long way from the city, and you can drop in at a winery for a celebratory glass of wine on the way home.  I was going to have my customary end of hike cuppa but the smell of spring? well it screamed out to celebrate with a few bubbles of a nice prosecco.  Who was I to argue? And Bruce was happy to drive home after a lemonade.


Great day, great fun and here’s to dusting the mud off our boots, and lifting a glass to spring, and getting out and about.