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Beautiful Victorian High Country

Impressive scenery, historic towns, delicious regional wines and some of the craziest characters and stories.

Comfortable Travel in Small Groups

Tour group limited to four people, for your comfort and enjoyment.

Friendly Tours

Our tour guides will ensure a warm and cheerful service.

Courtesy Pick Up

We’ll pick you up from your CBD hotel.

Fast Booking

Browse, book and confirm your travel experience bookings in just a few simple steps.

Inclusive Service

Once on tour, we’ll pay all expenses excluding alcohol and dinner costs.

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For a highly personalised day tour in and out of Melbourne, Australis 4WD Tours provides the ultimate exciting and fun filled experience. Your enthusiastic, trained and experienced guide will share with you breathtaking destinations, fascinating stories and folklore and a ranger’s knowledge of birds and animals. You will have an adventure to remember and treasure long after the end of the day with us.

Perfect for couples or singles, the smaller group size capped at four ensures that a fun filled, highly enjoyable day will be had by all. By being part of a small group, your tour guide will do their utmost to ensure that any personal desires and opportunities to explore your interests are maximised.

Join others who have had the time of their life and have had an experience to delight in.  See what our customers have had to say!